Australian Sikh Awards for Excellence (ASAE)

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The Sikh Awards for Excellence seek to inspire future generations within the Sikh community to pursue excellence in their award category, while adhering to the core values of Sikhism, such as honesty, hard work, and service to humanity. Winners of these prestigious awards are celebrated for their achievements and serve as role models, encouraging others to strive for excellence in their endeavours and make meaningful contributions to society. The nominees will be evaluated, both on the distinctiveness of their contribution in their field, and the scale of their contribution to the society.

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Questions about the awards:

1. Tell us about the nominee in your own words and describe why they are deserving of an Australian Sikh Award for Excellence in the chosen category. (max 400 words)

2. What is special about their contribution (e.g., how do they stand out from others, the challenges they have overcome, where they have gone above and beyond what is normally expected, list of achievements, awards/recognition by relevant bodies)? (max 400 words)

3. What has been the effect on the Sikh and/or broader Australian community (e.g., what difference have they made, how they have driven innovations and new thinking in this field, how they have inspired others)? (max 400 words)

4. Other comments/ information to support your nomination.

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Details of Referees